The History



A note from the owner:

The home and farm has changed ownership several times since its establishment in the early 1800’s. The farm has a history of being a substantial, working farm, as the photo and ad below illustrate:

Our family’s roots intertwine with the farm beginning in 1949, when Marlin & Ethelyn Thurston purchased the farm and raised their three children there. For many years, it was a successful dairy farm, supplying milk to Hood. In the 1970s, when agricultural federal policy shifted to support large farms, our farm shut down its dairy operation. Since that time, the farm has maintained a mix of operations, including hay production, produce, maple syrup production and livestock.

To be part of a multi-generational, family owned farm is not a common experience in this century. Many of my family members still live on the farm and are raising their families there, with a true love for this place.

I have spent most of my life on the farm. As a child, the fields, stream and surrounding hills seemed vast. It was a feast for the imagination, and my siblings and I turned rocks, hay and land formations into stories and childhood play that I still carry with me. Paths were run on, hiked up, and sled down. Mud became a medium for our inner artists, water a channel for floats made of sticks. Trees were old, steady friends. The rugged beauty of the area wove itself into my person in a way I did not understand until I was away from it.

While the farm instilled a fierce love of place in our lives, it also has provided a physical setting for a deep love of family. Those fields and paths where we played as children have become the ground where our growing families work together. The chores and responsibilities involved with running a farm require consistent communication, hard work and planning. Our family, which has grown and includes four generations (from our 95 year old grandfather to his youngest 3 year old great-grandchild), continues to make the farm a priority.

Whatever the season, time feels slower at The Farmhouse and determined by the will of natural forces, not a clock. Visitors who are ready for a change in pace, adventure, solitude or to simply break bread with friends or family against a beautiful backdrop, will enjoy their stay at The Farmhouse. 

- Cheryl Thurston, Founder & Owner 

The Farmhouse, LLC